Four Lakes Importers and Exporters is a private Company owned by Wayde Pringle who is also the owner of W Pringle Export Holdings trading as World Wide Sires-South Africa. Four Lakes operates as a sister company to WWS-SA using their Salesforce to market its product to the same client base.

The focus of Four Lakes is to service the market with quality calf care, post calving, in-lactation, fertility, dry period, heat detection, artificial insemination and veterinary consumable products.  Our products are sourced from all over the world. We also have a range of products manufactured in country under our own label.

Our goal is to service our clients with an in-house supply of quality dairy management, A.I. consumable products and a vast range of genetics from one of the largest suppliers in the world being World Wide Sires, a subsidiary of Select Sires Incorporated, a USA based Company.


Four Lakes was founded in 2001 by Wayde Pringle. WWS-SA was marketing Kamar Heat detection devices when a decision was made to incorporate a separate company to take over the marketing of Kamar Heat detectors and further grow a portfolio of quality products to operate in conjunction with WWS-SA. As the company grew, management started to become problematic with both companies. Johannes Jansen was one of our WWS agents in the Northwest Province. He had an animal health company, Jansen Diere Gesondheid, which predominately operated out of the Northwest Province also needing an injection of growth. Johannes agreed to a proposal to merge the two companies and allocate shares based on each companies equity in the merger. Johannes and his family moved to Cape Town in December 2008 where he took over management of Four Lakes as a joint owner. This was the real birth of Four Lakes, soon the company grew to the point of being a standalone company. Johannes carefully selected products from all over the world to make up his portfolio. He also brought on our own branded products like Recharge, Fly Mop, Hoofzinc, Hoofpad, Calf Accelerator, Calfgrow, Electro Calf and Vitalytes. This was after careful research in importing calf care products, the quality was there but the cost given our weak exchange rate made the products too expensive. Hence the quest to manufacture our own products in the country.

Sadly, Johannes passed away in 2015 after a tragic accident. His legacy in Four Lakes is still very present and is nurtured by the current manager AC Kotze who has been in the WWS-SA and Four Lakes family for over 20 years. Four Lakes stands by to service the Southern African and international market with a unique portfolio of quality products.

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